We saw the hassle and frustration that our friends and family had to go through to get a Chinese name for their loved ones. Many are ethnic Chinese friends who struggle with the language and have difficulties with giving their children a good name.

Guided by Master Ku (邱师傅), our lead Name Architect. We want to make the naming process a hassle-free experience, so that you can spend your precious time and energy celebrating the joys of new life.


In ancient times and today, parents want to give their child a good and meaningful name.

The Chinese believe one’s name determines one’s destiny. A name can affect or even change one’s fortune. There are various factors that go into crafting an auspicious name. On the most basic level, the name has to be tailored to sound pleasant and be meaningful symbolically.

An auspicious name is specifically crafted to a person. The interaction of each character and stroke must be composed to the individual to ensure that the name is in equilibrium and is in harmony with the universe.

Giving a Chinese name requires a lot of thought. Our Name Architects dedicates themselves to producing the best crafted names with full English Translations that provide detailed explanations of your profile and the name chosen.


We are guided by traditional naming methodologies incorporating the elements of your birth profile for a suitable name. Details of our naming methodology can be found through articles on our site.

Mother and daughter
Daughter drawing
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