Character Stroke Analysis for Chinese Names

Background #

The Chinese language is one of the most complex languages in the world. Thousands of complex characters represent unique words that make up the language. Needless to say, Chinese names are incredibly unique and many factors go into crafting a proper Chinese name. One way to determine if a Chinese name is suitable is through Character Stroke Analysis.

Chinese Language #

The Chinese character [数] or shu translates to “count number” in Chinese and this character is often associated with “fate”. A Chinese name is comprised of Chinese characters that each consist of different number of strokes. The number of strokes in each character correlates to one of the Five Elements. The consequences of each element and its relation with the universe is far reaching and has to be calibrated. Character stroke analysis is a technique used by our name architects at to determine if a name selected is good or bad.

Stroke Theory #

There are two main steps in character stroke analysis:

  1. Calculate the number of strokes for each individual character in the name.
  2. Find out the Five Formations and the element that is represented through calculations.

The Five Formations are:

  • Innate Formation
  • Human Formation
  • Earth Formation
  • Social Formation
  • Overall Formation

After we have the derivations of the Five Formations, we can deduce if the Chinese name is auspicious for the individual or detrimental to the state of the person.

Tip #

One interesting thing to note before we go deeper is that calculations of all strokes in name analysis is based off traditional Chinese characters instead of simplified Chinese character.

Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way, the following table will explain how each Formation is calculated based on the strokes per character in the full Chinese name.

Formation #

The Human Formation is how one would deduce the main personality traits of the individual. Following that, we look at the interaction between the Human Formation against the other Formations.

To identify the relationship between elders (this includes parents and superiors), we turn to the Human Formation’s connection with the Innate Formation. To figure out the relationship between children and subordinates, we turn to the interaction between the Human Formation and the Earth Formation. In regards to the relationship between friends, we look at the correlation between Human Formation and Social Formation.

Last, we look at the Overall Grading holistically. It is important to note that the Overall Grading is different from the Overall Formation. The Overall Grading refers to the nature of relationships between the “Three Realms of Formations” namely the Innate Formation, Human Formation and Earth Formation.

By analyzing the interaction of these Three Realms we can determine the orientation of the name and level of balance it brings in life.

Conclusion #

In summary, this article mentions the general idea towards Stroke Analysis. There are a plethora of nuances that come with analyzing a Chinese Name using Stroke Theory. But don’t be afraid to try it yourself and see if you can figure it out. Should you run into difficulties, please feel free to visit GetChineseNames to find out more about the other aspects to choosing a proper Chinese Name.

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