Chinese Name Tattoos

A Growing Trend.

In this day and age, tattoos have become more of an art form than a symbol of rebellion and subculture. Chinese name tattoos are seeing a steady rise in popularity amongst tattoo enthusiasts.

Background #

The Chinese language dates back over 5,000 and is one of the oldest languages known to man. There are over 80,000 Chinese characters to date. They have evolved from pictographs to the modern day character. If you look closely, many characters still bear a slight resemblance to their pictographic origins. Each character is a word by itself and is written in a flowing and balanced way. Although many of these characters are not used in daily language, the Chinese language allows for many innovative and interesting way to get a tattoo.

People have been getting Chinese name tattoos for decades, but the trend most recently took off right after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. More and more people are picking up Chinese name tattoos as a way to explore the Chinese culture. You would be surprised to find out there are millions of people worldwide that are interested in getting a tattoo of their Chinese name.

Motivation #

Another reason why people have been getting Chinese name tattoos is because of the opportunity the tattoo brings to the person. Getting a Chinese name can be seen as being reborn as an individual. By getting a new Chinese name, one can look upon the event as getting a new lease on life. It’s a chance to reinvent oneself and start afresh. Chinese names are intricate and complex. Proper Chinese names are constructed using a series of measurements based on one’s Birthday Profile, elements and Feng Shui. There is an old Chinese saying that goes “a person’s name has to be named right for a better future”. If you are looking to get a Chinese name tattoo, do it the right way.

Recommendation #

When getting a Chinese name tattoo, it is highly recommended to already have the Chinese Lettering and Calligraphy intended on hand. Tattoo artists are generally not proficient in bestowing Chinese names properly and if not given an example you might be in for a surprise.

Deciding on a Chinese name beforehand is also particularly important because some tattoo artists can be dishonest and regard it as a joke. If not given specific direction, some tattoo artists will tattoo random Chinese characters or silly references on their client. It is also interesting to know that Chinese names can be written vertically from top to bottom or horizontally from left to right or right to left depending on how authentic you want your Chinese name tattoo to be.

Please know exactly what your Chinese name is and how you want it to look like before you go into a tattoo parlor.

Conclusion #

As mentioned earlier in the article, it is extremely important to select a good Chinese name. For more information regarding the construction of a proper Chinese name, you can visit it is a great resource that goes into more detail about the different factors that go into picking an auspicious Chinese name you can use for your next beautiful tattoo.

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